Masaki Saito, Owner Chef

Chef Masaki Saito joined the Canadian culinary scene as a two-star Michelin chef, having earned this prestigious recognition in 2017 and 2018 in New York. He brings with him a new Edomae-style sushi that has earned him recognition and praise. His passion for fish developed early with an educational background in marine biology. Chef Masaki Saito always knew he would one day be a sushi chef. The epiphany occurred when the chef at his favourite restaurant in Hokkaido passed away, and the quality of the food then changed dramatically. He sought to understand the process involved in maintaining that quality. His grassroots approach enabled him to develop a true expertise in mastering sushi.

Knowing how to select and prepare the fish, the rice, the vinegar and the wasabi, and their proportionality in each dish is a refined skill. Every cut from each selected blade, the proper thickness, the presentation and the overall impression, is a high art. It begins with understanding nature: the motion in its stillness, and the stillness in its motion; the complexity in its simplicity and the simplicity in its complexity; and the right balance to appeal to all the senses to achieve optimal quality.