Masaki Saito, Owner Chef

Chef Masaki Saito joined the Canadian culinary scene as a two-time two-star Michelin chef, having earned this prestigious recognition in New York in 2017 and 2018. In 2022, Chef Saito again earned two Michelin stars, this time in Toronto – being the only chef in the city to receive two stars in Michelin’s 1st Toronto Guide and the only person in the world to hold two stars in both Toronto and New York.

Chef Saito’s passion for fish developed early with an educational background in marine biology, but he always knew he would one day become a sushi chef. Perfecting a unique Edomae-style sushi rarely experienced outside Japan, Chef Saito is proud to maintain the culinary traditions and memories he grew up with in his native Hokkaido.

Knowing how to carefully select and prepare the fish, the rice, the vinegar and the wasabi, and their proportionality in each dish, Chef Saito celebrates the complexity in its simplicity, the simplicity in its complexity – and the perfect balance appealing to all the senses in order to achieve optimal quality.